There's No Dad Like Our Dad is the first episode of the second season of The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls.


After seeing an old Dodge A100 van in the driveway of the Hardy/Loud residence, the Loud sisters discover that their father, Lynn Loud Sr., is alive.


One morning during breakfast at the Hardy/Loud residence, Joey came in.

"Hey, Frank", Joey said, "Dad just called, he said he's on vacation with Mom in Jamaica."

"Nice", Frank said, "I hope they have fun."

"I wish I knew what became of our dad", Lana said.

"That makes nine of us, Lana, that makes nine of us", Lori said.

"What happened to your dad", Joey asked.

"Well, he got kidnapped by some dudes wearing Avengers masks", Lynn said.

"And we haven't heard from him since", Luna said.

"Oh", Joey said, "well, I hope you find him someday."

"I'm goanna go get the mail", Lucy said.

Lucy went outside, and saw something.

"Guys", Lucy said, "you might want to take a look at this."

The others came outside and saw a green and white 1964 Dodge A100 van in the driveway.

"We already have a travel van, Joey", Lori said.

"I didn't buy this", Joey said.

"It's not mine", Frank said.

"This isn't even my kind of car", Leni said.

Luna then opened the door to the back seat and saw three rows of seating for passengers.

"Guys", Luna said, "the inside of this van looks exactly like the one of the van our parents owned."

"It does not", Lori said.

"No, really", Luna said, "it does."

They looked inside and saw the van's interior.

"It can't be", Lola said.

Lisa then sat down on a seat.

"It is", Lisa said, "right down to the mysterious sticky substance on the seats."

Lisa got up and walked away, not noticing that there was sticky residue on her rear end.

"This doesn't make sense", Lana said, "how is it that the van we rode around in years ago turn up here?"

"Unless", Lori said, "our dad is..."

"Alive", a voice said.

The girls then saw their father, Lynn Loud Sr., standing on the front porch.

"Dad", the girls said.

They then all ran up to him, and hugged him.

"I can't believe it", Lori said, "how did you escape those thugs."

"You'd be surprised how dim-witted they are", Lynn Sr. said.

He then saw Frank and Joey.

"Hello there", Joey said.

"Well hello, there", Lynn Sr. said, "and who might you two gentlemen be?"

"My name is Joey Hardy", Joey said, "and this is my brother, Frank."

"We've been living with your daughters for the past year", Frank said, "mostly because Joey and Lori are an item."

"Is that so", Lynn Sr. asked.

He then turned to Lori.

"He's a keeper", Lynn Sr. said.

Lori blushed at what he said.

"May we invite you in for some breakfast", Joey asked.

"If it's not too much trouble", Lynn Sr. said, "I want to hear everything that's happened to my daughters in my absence."

They then went inside, and began talking about the many adventures the Loud girls had.

"And then, Lana got Lola's dress all wet, and there was total chaos", Joey said.

"Wow", Lynn Sr. said, "I imagine Luan got in big trouble for that?"

"Yes", Frank said, "we sent her up to her room without dessert."

"And that was a bummer", Lynn said, "she missed out."

"So, anyways", Lynn Sr. said, "what else has happened?"

"Well", Luna said, "one time, I tried to wear a wig so that people would stop making fun of my short hair."

"And how did that work out", Lynn Sr. asked.

"Not good", Luna said, "they humiliated me by removing the wig."

"That sounds terrible", Lynn Sr. said.

"But, I soon decided to just be happy with my short hair", Luna said.

"That's great", Lynn Sr. said.

"Yep", Luna said, "and I owe it all to Frank."

"Nice", Lynn Sr. said, "you boys are amazing, I can't imagine you ever leaving them."

"There was this one time", Joey said, "Lori treated her sisters like dirt and sent them to their rooms for no reason, so I broke up with her."

"Lori Liberty Loud", Lynn Sr. said, "what were you thinking?"

"Sorry, Dad", Lori said, "I guess I just didn't want to deal with them on our one year anniversary."

"Well, that was pretty low of you", Lynn Sr. said.

"Don't worry", Joey said, "she made an 'I'm Sorry' cake for me, and I accepted her apology."

"Well, that's great", Lynn Sr. said, "I can't imagine my daughter's lives without someone like you."

"Me neither", Lana said, "he taught me how to tie my shoes."

"And he helped me get my driver's license", Leni said.

"Wow", Lynn Sr. said, "I am very proud of you two."

Then, Fred walked in.

"Hey, guys", Fred said, "we're having a barbecue next door, and I'd like to invite you guys."

"Sure", Frank said, "we'll be there."

"Alright", Fred said.

Fred left, and Lori had an idea.

"Hey, Dad", Lori said, "how'd you like to come with us?"

"Sure", Lynn Sr. said.

That night, at the barbecue party, Lynn Sr. sat down with Frank, Joey, and the girls.

"It's great to see you again, Dad", Lori said.

"Yeah", Luna said, "it's been too long."

"Well you'll be seeing me more often than you think", Lynn Sr. said, "I couldn't help but notice that little house across the street from yours is for sale."

The others were exited to hear what he was saying.

"I think I'll take it", Lynn Sr. said.

They all then hugged him.

"Welcome to the neighborhood, Mr. Loud", Frank said.

"Thanks", Lynn Sr. said.

They then continued to enjoy their evening.

The End


  • The Loud girls' father, who is revealed to be alive, makes his debut in this episode.

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