Tinker's Cousin is the first episode of the first season of The Adventures Of Tinker & Co..

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Tinker Rogers' cousin Shaggy moves in along with good old Scooby-Doo and someone else.

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One day, Tinker and Speed Buggy were on their way home from the auto store to get some more windshield-washing fluid for Ted's '57 Chevy Belair when they noticed a green 2005 Jeep Wrangler with a U-Haul trailer attached parked in front of the house.

"Hey," said Speedy, "what's that?"

"It looks like someone's moving in," said Tinker, "but who?"

"And who's Jeep is that," asked Speedy.

"I can answer that," said a voice.

A young man wearing an olive v-neck t-shirt, dark red baggy pants, and black shoes then came outside. Tinker recognized the man.

"Shaggy," said Tinker.

Tinker jumped out of Speedy, ran to Shaggy, and hugged him.

"Wait," said Speedy, "you know this guy?"

"Heck yeah," said Tinker, "he's my cousin!"

"Wow," said Speedy, "I didn't know you had a cousin!"

"And I brought someone else with me," said Shaggy.

A Great Dane with a teal collar and a dag with the initials "S.D." on it came out.

"Hey, Scooby," said Tinker, "good to see ya!"

"Good to see you too Tink," said Scooby as he and Tinker did a fist-bump.

"Wait a second," said Speedy, "I know who you are now! You're Shaggy and Scooby-Doo!"

"Indeed," said Scooby.

"Come on, cuz," said Tinker as he lead the two inside, "we've got a lot to catch up on!"

Tinker, Shaggy, and Scooby went inside where they found a young man in a white sweater, jeans, and yellow and blue sneakers talking with Ted and Valerie.

"So your uncle is a racer," asked Ted.

"Yup," said the man, "a pretty good one, too."

"Tink," said Shaggy, "meet my friend Chris Thorndyke."

"Hello, Chris," said Tinker as he and Chris shook hands, "welcome to Winter City!"

"Thanks," said Chris.

"So," said Valerie as she got some lemonade and brownies, "what brings you to Winter City?"

"Well," said Shaggy, "me, Chris, and Scooby got evicted from our apartment in Starlet City."

"Why," asked Ted.

"Because," said Chris, "we caused some damaged during a Nerf gun fight we had. Broke a lot of stuff, including one of the manager's wife's favorite vases."

"That'll do it," said Ted.

"Yup," said Shaggy, "it was kind of him to let us use this U-Haul trailer."

Just then, they heard a knock at the door.

"I'll get it," said Valerie.

Valerie went to the door and saw the gang's landlord, Ernie Devlin, who was also the controller of the Winter City Railway, with a baking pan in his hands.

"Hello, Ernie," said Valerie as she opened the door, "come in!"

"Thanks," said Ernie as he came in.

"Who's that," asked Chris.

"That's our landlord, Mr. Ernie Devlin," said Ted, "he's also the controller for our lovely Winter City Railway."

"Nice," said Shaggy.

"Welcome to Winter City, gentlemen," said Ernie to Chris and Shaggy.

"Thanks," said Shaggy.

"What's in the pan," asked Chris.

"This is some lasagna I made," said Ernie, "Ted, would it be OK if you sat for Bubbles for me? I've got a meeting with the Railway Board today at 2:00 PM."

"Not at all," said Ted.

"Thanks," said Ernie, "and the lasagna's for you guys' dinner."

"Thanks, Ernie," said Valerie.

"No problem," said Ernie.

"Bye, Daddy," said Bubbles as Ernie left.

"Bye, sweetie," said Ernie as he pulled out.

"So, she's his daughter," asked Chris.

"Yup," said Tinker.

"What happened to her mom," asked Shaggy.

Tinker then grew solemn. He asked Ted to take Bubbles for a walk and once the two were out of sight, Tinker turned back to his cousin.

"Ernie's wife was killed in a subway accident when Bubbles was 2," said Tinker.

"Wow," said Chris, "that's sad."

"Yeah," said Tinker, "and Bubbles doesn't know about this because since she's only six years old, Ernie feels she's not old enough to know what happened, so he wants to wait till she's older, most likely in her teens."

"That makes sense," said Shaggy.

Just then, Babu, Rocky, and Phooey came in with four bags of groceries.

"We're back," said Babu.

"Man," said Phooey, "and I thought we'd never get outta there."

"Who're those three," asked Shaggy.

"Those are Babu, Rocky, and Phooey," said Tinker.

"Nice to meet you," said Chris.

"Nice to meet you s well," said Rocky, "who're you 3?"

"I'm Shaggy," said Shaggy, "and these 2 are Chris Thorndyke and my dog, Scooby-Doo."

"Welcome to Winter City," said Babu.

"Thanks," said Shaggy.

Babu, Rocky, and Phooey soon put the groceries away just as Ted and Bubbles returned, Bubbles licking away at a twin-scoop vanilla ice cream cone and Ted sipping a strawberry smoothie.

"I see you've met," said Ted.

"Indeed we have," said Chris.

Tinker then looked at his watch.

"Hey," said Tinker, "it's almost dinner time. We better get the table set."

With that, Shaggy and Chris helped Tinker set the table while Ted warmed the lasagna in the oven. Once that was done, they all sat down to eat.

"So," said Shaggy, "I'd love to see the rest of this little town."

"Me too," said Chris.

"I can arrange that," said Tinker, "I'm sure Speedy and I won't mind showing you around."

"Great," said Chris.

Later, after dinner, while Tinker and Valerie were doing the dishes, the rest watched Jim Henson's 1982 film The Dark Crystal on TV until the sun went down.

The End

Notes Edit

  • Shaggy, Chris, and Scooby all make their debuts in this episode
  • Shelly is absent in this episode