Tinker's Turnip Trouble is the second episode of the first season of The Adventures Of Tinker & Co..

Summary Edit

Tinker grows a giant turnip for the county fair in hopes of winning the prize for "Largest Vegetable", but has trouble with taking it there, so Shaggy, Chris, Speedy, and Babu volunteer to help.

Story Edit

One day, Tinker was outside in the garden, planting some turnip seeds. The country fair was going on, and he was trying to grow a giant turnip to try and win the "Largest Vegetable" prize

"I really hope I win that prize," said Tinker.

Tinker's cousin, Shaggy, then came out.

"What's up, cuz," asked Shaggy.

"I'm trying to grow a giant turnip to try and win the "Largest Turnip" prize," said Tinker.

"Well," said Shaggy, "good luck with that. I'm making a pineapple cake to sell at the fair."

"Thanks," said Tinker, "and that sounds delicious."

Tinker planted the seeds, covered them, and watered them.

"There," said Tinker, "that should do it."

Tinker then went inside. That evening, while the gang was in bed, Sir Handel, Winter City's resident prankster, came up to the garden and found the spot where Tinker had planted the seeds.

"Excellent," said Sir Handel, "a chance to use this!"

Sir Handel then took out a vial that had a strange purple liquid and had "Growth Formula" labeled on it, took out the cork, and poured it onto the ground, then left, making sure to take the empty vial with him. The next morning, Tinker woke up and went to check on his turnip. But when he went into the garden, he was amazed at what he saw. His turnip had grown to the Speedy's size.

"Holy cow," said Tinker, "that's the biggest turnip I've ever seen!"

Ted, Shaggy, Rocky, Valerie, Babu, Phooey, Scooby, Chris, Shelly, and Speedy came outside.

"Wow," said Speedy, "look at the size of that thing!"

"That's nothing compared to this," said Shelly.

Shelly went inside and came back out with a square pumpkin.

"I grew this baby for the "Weirdest Food" prize," said Shelly.

Shelly then took the pumpkin to Ted's 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air.

"See you at the fair, Tink," said Shelly as she, Rocky, Valerie, Phooey, and Ted left.

"Alright," said Tinker, "now here's the problem: How the heck are we supposed to get this behemoth to the fair?"

"Maybe we can just carry it there," said Babu.

"Dude," said Chris, "that's a terrible idea!"

"He's right," said Tinker, "the fair would be over by the time we get there."

"Good point," said Babu.

"I have an idea," said Speedy, "let's try and put it on my trailer!"

"I like that idea better," said Tinker.

With that, Tinker hooked up Speedy's trailer and, with Chris, Shaggy, and Babu, tried to load the turnip onto the trailer, but it was too heavy.

"Man," strained Chris, "this thing must way a ton!"

"Like, it's way too heavy to move with our bare hands," said Shaggy.

"He's right," said Tinker, "we have to try something else."

"Maybe we can try a lever," said Chris, "I remember building one for my 4th Grade science fair."

"Maybe," said Tinker, "but I don't know if it'll work."

"It can't hurt to try," said Speedy.

With that, Shaggy got a 2x4 plank from the shed and Chris got a log from the woodpile out in the backyard. Chris laid the log down and Shaggy set up the 2x4 so that one end touched the turnip.

"Now," said said Chris, "we'll need something heavy to push the other end down."

"Will this do," asked Babu.

Babu came out with a barrel of root beer.

"I'm not sure," said Chris, "that might be too heavy."

"Oh, let's just try it," said Babu, "besides, what could go wrong?"

Babu set the barrel on the other end of the plank, but it was too heavy. In fact, it was so heavy that the plank broke in half and the barrel fell onto the ground and broke into smithereens, sending a wave of root beer all over them.

"Well," said Tinker, "this is gonna take a while."

The boys tried numerous ways to get the turnip onto Speedy's trailer, including trying to roll it onto the trailer and using Babu's magic to levitate the turnip, but nothing seemed to work.

"This is terrible," said Chris, "we've tried almost everything to get this turnip onto the trailer."

"Let's face it," said Shaggy, "we're never gonna make it."

"Come on, guys," said Tinker, "we can't give up yet!"

"You boys look like you could use some help," said a voice.

They looked and saw a dark blue mobile crane with the number "17" on it.

"We'd love some help," said Tinker.

With that, they got the turnip hooked onto the crane, who lifted it onto the trailer, then Tinker and Shaggy tied it down with ratchet ties. Once that was done, Tinker, Chris, and Babu took off to the fair in Speedy while Shaggy followed them in his 2005 Jeep Wrangler, taking his pineapple cake with them. When they reached the fair, Chris looked at his watch.

"Good," said Chris, "we have exactly two hours until it's time for the judging."

"Well," said Tinker, "let's set 'er up!"

With that, they got the turnip ready for the judging, then played some games until it came time for the judging. One of the judges, who just so happened to be Ernie Devlin, the controller for the Winter City Railway, approached a microphone.

"Ladies and gentlemen," said Ernie, "it's time to announce the winner of the "Largest Vegetable" prize!"

A man handed Ernie a card.

"And the winner of the "Largest Prize" is...," said Ernie.

Tinker, Chris, Babu, and Shaggy crossed their fingers and winced while Ernie opened the card and read it.

"Tinker Rogers," Ernie said.

Tinker jumped up and down in joy.

"I won," Tinker cried, "I won!"

Another man handed Tinker a plaque with his name on it.

"Congratulations," said Ernie.

Just then, Sir Handel came onto the stage and asked to have the microphone.

"Everyone," said Sir Handel, "Tinker's not the only one who deserves credit."

"What do you mean," asked Ernie.

"Well," said Sir Handel, "Tinker one because I helped him out a bit. You see, I snuck into the garden last night and sprinkled some of this growth formula that Porter made in his lab."

The others were surprised.

"Like," said Shaggy, "what a cheat!"

"Not really, Shag," said Tinker, "I actually wanna thank him."

Tinker then approached Sir Handel.

"Thanks, little guy," said Tinker.

"It was nothing, really," said Sir Handel, "just trying to help."

"And here," said Shaggy, "you can have this."

Shaggy offered Sir Handel a slice of his pineapple cake.

"No thanks," said Sir Handel, "I'm allergic to pineapples."

"Oh," said Shaggy, "I didn't know that."

"I didn't even know engines can have allergies," said Speedy.

"Niether did I," said Babu.

Just then, Valerie approached with a pan of brownies.

"Then perhaps you might like these brownies I made," said Valerie.

Sir Handel took one of the brownies and tried it.

"Mmm," said Sir Handel, "not bad!"

"Thanks," said Valerie, "they were my mom's recipe."

Soon, they were getting ready to go home when they saw Shelly sitting at a table with her square pumpkin and looking sad.

"What's the matter, Shelly," asked Tinker.

"Somehow," said Shelly, "they found out I got my square pumpkin from a pumpkin patch instead of growing it for myself. And I got disqualified."

"That's too bad, Shelly," said Chris.

"But hey," said Ted, "at least they liked my music! I played some Raffi songs for the kids. And they loved it!"

"That's great, Ted," said Tinker.

"Come on," said Shaggy, "let's head home."

With that, they went home and, out of sympathy for Shelly, Shaggy made a pumpkin pie out of Shelly's square pumpkin, which everyone enjoyed.

The End

Notes Edit

  • This is the only time where Sir Handel from The Railroad Girl pulled a prank that had a positive result.
  • This episode reveals that said engine has a pineapple allergy.

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