To Tell You The Tooth is that seventh episode of the first season of The Railroad Girl.

Summary Edit

After being hit with a stray softball, one of Skarloey's teeth becomes loose, making the little engine worried, but after Edward tells him about the Tooth Fairy, he becomes excited and tries to get the tooth out.

Story Edit

One day, Rheneas was reading a story to Skarloey.

"Goldilocks tied Papa Bear's porridge, but it was too hot," read Rheneas.

Skarloey giggled as Rheneas read. All of a sudden, Rheneas spotted a round green object hurling through the sky and towards Skarloey.

"Skarloey," Rheneas yelled, "look out!"

Skarloey looked up and saw the object flying towards him and it hit him right on the mouth. A cracking sound soon followed.

"Ow," Skarloey cried.

Rheneas rushed over to Skarloey.

"Are you alright, little brother," asked Rheneas.

"I think so," said Skarloey, "what hit me?"

Rheneas picked the object up and examined it.

"It looks like a softball," said Rheneas.

Just then, Thomas, Doki, Ryan, Peter Sam, Rusty, Duncan, and James ran over. Doki, Ryan, Thomas, Rusty, Duncan, and Peter Sam were all wearing softball equipment while James was wearing an umpire mask with a Cincinnati Reds cap.

"Oh my gosh," said Doki, "I'm so sorry!"

"You're sorry," said Ryan, "I'm the one who hit the ball, so it's my fault!"

"Well, I suggested we even play softball in the first place, said Doki, "so I'm the one to blame!"

"Time out," James yelled in an umpire-like voice.

"Hey, what's all the yelling about," said a voice.

It was Edward. He had heard everything and came outside to investigate.

"Well," said Rheneas, "I was reading to Skarloey when he got hit in the mouth by a softball."

"It was an accident," Doki cried.

"Now, hold on," said Edward, "everybody calm down."

Edward turned to Skarloey.

"Skarloey," said Edward, "let me see your mouth."

Skarloey opened his mouth as wide was enginely possible, and when Edward looked inside, he chuckled.

"Hey, guys," said Edward, "there's nothing to worry about!"

"Really," asked Ryan.

"Yeah," said Edward, "it's just a baby tooth that got knocked loose."

"Is that a bad thing," asked Skarloey.

"Not really," said Edward, "All little engines start to lose their baby teeth at this age. It just means you're growing up."

"Oh," said Skarloey.

"But," said James, "there is a plus side to losing teeth."

"There is," asked Skarloey.

"Yup," said Edward, "when you lose a tooth, you get to put it under your pillow for the Tooth Fairy, and she'll leave a surprise for you in its place, most of the time it's money."

"Oh yeah," said Doki, "I remember the last time I lost a tooth. The Tooth Fairy left me a Hamilton, which I used to buy a LEGO Star Wars sticker book."

"Cool," said Skarloey, "do you think it's possible the Tooth Fairy might leave me something?"

"Does a zebra have stripes," James asked.

Skarloey giggled.

"Yes," said Skarloey.

"Then the Tooth Fairy will leave you something," said James.

"Great," said Skarloey, "I'm so excited!"

Later, Skarloey and Rheneas were watching Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command on TV while Duke was out running errands.

"This is such a cool show," said Skarloey.

"I know, right," said Rheneas.

Edward then came in, with some apples.

"You guys hungry," asked Edward, "fresh from the orchard!"

"Sure," said Rheneas, "thanks!"

Rheneas and Skarloey took two of the apples and began eating them. However, when Skarloey bit into his, something bizarre yet amazing happened. Skarloey looked down and saw some red liquid streaming down his apple and onto the floor.

"What's that," asked Skarloey.

When Rheneas saw the red stuff, his eyes grew to the size of basketballs.

"Skarloey," said Rheneas, "your mouth is bleeding!"

Skarloey then got scared.

"What do I do," Skarloey cried, "how did it happen?!"

"Alright," said Edward, "calm down. Skarloey, let me see your apple."

Skarloey gave his apple to Edward, who examined it. There, right near the stem, was Skarloey's tooth stuck in the skin.

"Just as I thought," Edward smiled, "your tooth came out."

Skarloey was elated.

"Oh boy," cheered Skarloey, "now I can get something from the Tooth Fairy!"

"Hold on there, little buddy," said Edward, "we've gotta get you to a dentist."

"What's a dentist," asked Skarloey.

"It's a doctor who looks at your teeth," said Rheneas, "I had a toothache once because I cracked it on a taco chip, and the dentist fixed it."

"This dentist is a walk-in," said Edward, "so there's no need for an appointment."

Edward then went to Peter Sam's room and knocked on the door.

"Yes," Peter Sam asked.

"Skarloey's tooth came out," said Edward, "and me and Rheneas are taking him to the dentist. Could ou tell Duke where we are in case he comes home early?"

"Sure," said Peter Sam, "I can do that."

"Great," said Edward, "we'll be back later."

With that, Edward, Rheneas, and Skarloey, after Edward had Skarloey swish some salty water around in his mouth for a bit, went to the dentist's office, where the dentist took a look at Skarloey's tooth, which was as white as snow, just like the rest of his teeth.

"Well, well, well," said the dentist, "someone has been taking very good care of his teeth!"

"Yup," said Skarloey, "I brush my teeth every day and every night! My toothbrush even has Superman on it!"

"I'm very impressed," said the dentist, "I can also tell from the condition of this tooth that you don't eat too many sweets."

"No, sir," said Skarloey, "I never eat too many sweets! I always eat my veggies. I don't wanna have icky cavities."

"That's a good boy," said the dentist, "it's better for your teeth if you have healthier snacks, like fruits and vegetables."

"And before we got here," said Edward, "I had him swish some salty water around in his mouth to wash out some of the blood."

"Good thinking," said the dentist.

The dentist then got out a box that was shaped and decorated to look like a treasure chest.

"Would you like somethings from the Prize Chest for being a good boy," asked the dentist.

"Oh boy," said Skarloey, "would I!"

Skarloey reached into the box and pulled out a sheet of Blue's Clues stickers, a Superman yo-yo, and a cherry-flavored sugar-free lollipop. He also was given a small plastic box to keep his tooth in.

"Have a good one," said the dentist.

"You too," said Skarloey as he, Rheneas, and Edward left.

Later that evening, Skarloey and Rheneas were brushing their teeth. Skarloey was even brushing the tooth he had lost.

"Skarloey," asked Rheneas, "why are you brushing that single tooth?"

"Because," said Skarloey, "I want to make sure it's nice and sparkly for the Tooth Fairy."

"I see," said Rheneas.

However, Skarloey was brushing so hard that he accidentally knocked the tooth out of his hand and down the drain.

"Oh no," Skarloey cried in a panicky voice, "I dropped it down the drain!"

Rheneas grabbed a flashlight, turned it on, and shone it down the drain.

"I don't see the tooth," said Rheneas.

"Oh no," said Skarloey, "Now the Tooth Fairy will never get it!"

Just then, Edward came in.

"What's going on," asked Edward.

"Skarloey knocked his tooth down the drain," said Rheneas, "and I can't see it."

"Let me take a look," said Edward.

Rheneas gave Edward the flashlight and Edward looked down.

"Yup," said Edward, "it's well down there alright."

Skarloey then grew very worried.

"Is there any way to get it out," asked Skarloey.

"Actually, there is," said Edward, "I'll just have to give the plumber a call."

With that, Edward made the necessary phone call, and sure enough, the plumber arrived and came into the bathroom with his toolbox.

"Alright," said the plumber, "let's take a look."

The plumber then tapped his wrench along the pipes until one of them made a rattling sound.

"There's something in there, alright," said the plumber.

The plumber then detached the pipe that made the rattling sound, turned it over in his hand, and sure enough, out came Skarloey's tooth.

"Bingo," said the plumber.

"Yay," Skarloey cheered, "my tooth is saved!"

The plumber then reattached the pipe.

"Thank you, Mister Plumber," said Skarloey.

"No problem, kiddo," said the plumber.

After the pipe incident, Edward went home, Duke returned, and all the Narrow Gauge Engines went to bed, but before they did, Skarloey made sure to leave his tooth for the Tooth Fairy.

"Sleep tight, little tooth," said Skarloey.

The next morning, when Skarloey woke up, he saw that the tooth was gone, and in its place was a fresh and crisp 5 dollar bill.

"Wow," said Skarloey, "Five whole dollars!"

Rheneas then came into the room.

"Hey," said Rheneas, "I see the Tooth Fairy came."

"Yeah," said Skarloey, "she left me a Lincoln!"

"Cool," said Rheneas, "what are you gonna spend it on?"

"I know just what," said Skarloey.

Later, Skarloey and Rheneas went to Totally 60's, and Skarloey grabbed a canister of glow-in-the-dark silly putty.

"Is that what you want," Rheneas asked.

Skarloey nodded.

"Alright," said Rheneas, "let's go pay."

They went up to the register and found Scott Tracy waiting.

"So," asked Scott, "find everything you need?"

"Yup," said Skarloey.

Skarloey put the putty on the counter and Scott rang up the price.

"That'll be $1.70, please," said Scott.

Skarloey handed Scott the 5 dollars, and Scott gave him his change.

"Hey, Scott," said Skarloey, "I lost my first tooth!"

"Wow," said Scott, "and I assume you got that 5 dollars from the Tooth Fairy?"

"Yup," said Skarloey.

"Well," said Scott, "enjoy the putty!"

"I will," said Skarloey, "by golly, I will!"

The End

Notes Edit

  • When Doki said that the Tooth Fairy left him a Hamilton, he was referring to a 10 dollar bill, which has a portrait of Alexander Hamilton, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States
  • This is the only time an engine is seen losing a tooth

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