Tulip is a supporting protagonist for Fern & The Rogertucky Racers.


Full Name: Tulip Frances Turner

Also Known As: Red

Species: Human

Gender: Female ♀

Birthday: November 26, 1990

Age: 26

Relatives: Roger Turner (father), Allison Turner (mother), Tessa Turner (twin sister), Donny Park (brother in law), Foxx Park (nephew), Nedley Blake (uncle), Elizaeth Blake (aunt), Daphne Blake (cousin), Raymond Blake (uncle), Mallory Blake (aunt), Melvin Blake, Marvin Blake, Martin Blake, Moses Blake, Michael Blake, Matt Blake, Morton Blake (cousins)

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Green

Skin Color: Fair


Dark brown jacket, purple bandana around neck, dark brown pants, brown belt, tan work boots.


  • Tulip shares her birthday with former American racecar driver Dale Jarrett.
  • Tulip has a chocolate allergy, which makes her throat swell up, making it hard for her to breathe.
  • Tulip owns a 1947 Hudson pickup truck that serves as her main mode of transportation.


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