~Vanilla are a boy band from Starlet City.~

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Instruments Edit

  • Henry: Yamaha TRBX-304, Fender CB-100CE
  • Bailey: Yamaha Revstar RS420, Maton SRS70C 
  • Jonny: Yamaha Revstar RS320, Maton M80c
  • Hudson: Yamaha DX7 
  • Freddie: Odery Custom Shop Gray Matrix

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Henry Edit

Bailey Edit

Jonny Edit

Hudson Edit

Freddie Edit


  • The name Vanilla are inspired by English rock supergroup Cream
  • The band was set up in memory and honor of Cream's late bassist, Jack Bruce
  • Jonny, Bailey, Hudson, and Freddie all learned to play their instruments in school 
  • Henry is the only member who was not taught to play his instrument in school, as he thought himself bass from a program called Yousician
  • Henry chose the name "Vanilla" because of how it's his favorite flavor of ice cream
  • The band mainly sing songs by The Outfield

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