Vermont Cachorro And The Pirate Treasure is the fourth episode of the first season of We're Just Kids.


While digging holes in his backyard, Tracker discovers a chest full of priceless treasures, and when Shimmer and Shine hear of this, they decide to try and steal it.


One afternoon, Tracker was digging holes in his backyard, when his mother appeared.

"Tracker Rafael Cachorro", Mrs. Cachorro said, "what on earth are you doing?"

"Checking to see if the previous owners of the house buried any bones here", Tracker said.

"We've been here since you were in kindergarten", Mrs. Cachorro said, "what gave you the idea to begin doing that now?"

"I was influenced", Tracker said.

"Likely story", Mrs. Cachorro said, "now fill these holes back up and come inside for your shower."

"Okay", Tracker said, "just let me finish this hole."

Tracker continued digging, and hit something.

"Hey, Mom", Tracker said, "there is something buried in this yard."

Mrs. Cachorro walked outside.

"That's a surprise", Mrs. Cachorro said.

They lifted out an old chest.

"Look at this old thing", Tracker said, "it's got to be at least four hundred years old."

"Your father might want to see this", Mrs. Cachorro said.

Later, Mr. Cachorro was inspecting the chest.

"I think I know what this is", Mr. Cachorro said.

"What is it", Tracker asked.

"This is the treasure of the legendary pirate Redbeard", Mr. Cachorro said.

"I've heard of Blackbeard, but I've never heard of Redbeard", Tracker said.

"He was a pirate captain who was the terror of the seven seas during the middle of the eighteenth century", Mr. Cachorro said, "his reign of terror was brought to an end when the Magnus family brought him to justice, and he was hung by the neck."

"Ouch", Tracker said.

"Si", Mr. Cachorro said, "now, it seems he designed this lock so that it will only unlock if you trace on the skull emblem right here correctly."

Mr. Cachorro traced on the skull and it unlocked, revealing jewels and gold.

"Wow", Tracker said, "look at all this loot."

"I think the museum I work at will appriciate this", Mr. Cachurro said.

"Aw c'mon", Tracker said, "just one doubloon?"

"Sorry", Mr. Cachorro said, "science comes first."

"Alright", Tracker said.

Outside, Shimmer and Shine were sitting in a tree and overheard everything.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Shine", Shimmer asked.

"Yeah", Shine said, "what are you thinking?"

"With that treasure, we'll be rich beyond our wildest dreams", Shimmer said.

"Oh year", Shine said, "imagine what we could do with all booty."

Shimmer giggled at what Shine said.

"You said booty", Shimmer said.

That evening, Shimmer and Shine went over to the museum where Mr. Cachorro worked.

"Okay, the chest's in there", Shimmer said, "all we have to do is grab it and go."

"Sounds simple enough", Shine said.

Inside, a guard was putting a glass case over the chest.

"There we go", a guard said, "it should be safe in there."

But he was wrong, because as he, Tracker, and Mr. Cachorro left, Shimmer and Shine jumped out of nowhere.

"There it is", Shimmer said, "it's go time."

Shimmer used her magic to lift the glass up and Shine used hers to take the chest off the cushion it was on.

"Here it is", Shimmer said, "the treasure is ours."

But Shine leaned against the cushion the chest was on and it set off an alarm.

"Dang it", Shine said, "the cushion's heat sensitive."

"Come on", Shimmer said, "let's get out of here before the guards get here."

Tracker and Mr. Cachorro had heard the noise.

"Someone's stealing the treasure", Mr. Cachorro said.

Tracker saw Shimmer and Shine running down a hall with the chest.

"And I think I know who", Tracker said.

Tracker then ran after them.

"Come back here with that treasure", Tracker said, "it belongs in a museum!"

"Uh-oh", Shimmer said.

He chased them into a temple display.

"I know they're here somewhere", Tracker said.

He then saw them and they ran away.

"Come back here", Tracker said.

He chased them down a pathway, and it was a dead end.

"Where did they go", Tracker asked.

Then, a boulder fell down and began rolling towards him.

"Ay caramba", Tracker said.

He then ran away from the boulder.

"How did the museum even allow this", Tracker asked.

He then ran out, but was still followed the boulder.

"Help", Tracker said, "I'm being pursued by a rampaging rock!"

He ran outside, where people were standing, and the boulder crashed outside.

"Look out", Tracker said.

He jumped into a bush and the boulder rolled into the pond at the park.

"Well", Tracker said, "looks like the ducks get their own island."

Some people ran over and looked around.

"Son", Mr. Cachorro said, "what happened?"

"Shimmer and Shine", Tracker said, "they were stealing Redbeard's treasure, so I tried to stop them, but they gave me the slip, and then this boulder began rolling towards me."

"I see", Mr. Cachorro said, "and where are they now?"

Shimmer and Shine tried tiptoeing away, but a guard caught them.

"Here they are", the guard said, "these two troublemakers are trying to make off with our treasure."

"Busted", Shine said.

Then, a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica driven by Mrs. Aljunni pulled up, and Mr. Cachorro told them about what was going on.

"They did what", Mrs. Aljunni asked.

"Oh dear", Shimmer said.

Mrs. Aljunni grabbed Shimmer and Shine by their ears and dragged them to the van.

"We owe a big thanks to you, Tracker", the curator said, "stopping those two from taking the treasure."

"It was nothing", Tracker said, "if thieves are after your treasure, just come to me."

Tracker howled and tried to swing from a bullwhip, but crashed into a lamppost.

"Indiana Jones makes it look so easy", Tracker said.

The End


  • Blaze, Molly, Deema, and Nonny are absent in this episode.

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