~Wally is a supporting protagonist for The Railroad Girl.~


Full Name: Wallace "Wally" Drew Pickles


Also Known As: Micky Dolenz Look-Alike

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Birthday: November 8, 1995

Age: 21

Relatives: Percy Pickles (father), Margo Pickles (mother, deceased), Stephanie Pickles (younger sister)

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Black

Skin Color: Fair


Wally always wears a red and white shirt, a pink ascot, white pants, and red shoes.


  • Wally shares his birthday with British YouTube personality DanTDM (real name Dan Middleton)
  • He owns and runs a store/fast food joint called "Totally 60's", which serves as a hangout for Bright Eyes, Doki, and all their friends
  • He used to live in Piperville, Vermont with his father and sister on his father's farm, but moved to Winter City after he graduated from high school
  • He lives an apartment above his store
  • His store is famous around the locals for its milkshakes, with a new flavor being added to the menu every week
  • He gets his nickname from how he looks like former Monkees drummer Micky Dolenz
  • He loves playing the drums, and owns a Ludwig Red Sparkle 4-Piece drum kit, which he has set up in the basement of his store
  • He uses a red and white 1972 Chevrolet C10 as his main mode of transportation as well as to make deliveries from his store
  • When he delivers food from his store, he uses an insulated food delivery bag to keep hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold
  • His pajamas consist of a white shirt, red pants, and dark brown slippers