Chapter 7: Theodore's Nightmare

Warning: This chapter describes a nightmare that may be upsetting or scary for young readers. Please read with caution. The dream starts and ends with a * symbol.

Theodore tossed and turned in his sleep, unable to get away from the scary thoughts that filled his mind. It was about Simon's car accident:

  • Simon and Theodore were crossing the road, but Theodore tripped on a stone in the road. Simon pleaded Theodore to get up, and to get to the sidewalk as quick as possible, but as he got up, Theodore saw two big, white circles, and a roar. Whatever it was, the object was getting closer and closer at a fast pace. Theodore knew it was a car. Theodore tried to get to the sidewalk, but he could see that the car was coming too fast. It was going to hit him if he didn't hurry up! Theodore ran as fast as possible, but just as he was about to get hit, there was flash of blue and brown, Theodore was pushed backwards onto the sidewalk outside the library, and witnessed his brother getting hit, before flying off into the metal pole. Theodore apprehensively walked over to his brother to see how he was. It didn't look good. Simon's eyes were closed, and he didn't move whatsoever. Theodore checked his pulse and breathing. Simon's breathing was slowing down, as was his pulse. Theodore was worried. The police and ambulance arrived as Theodore checked his brother's breathing and pulse again. Theodore couldn't sense any breathing, and his pulse was going down fast! Theodore gasped before pleading: "No! Simon, please don't give up!" Again, Simon's vital signs were slowing down, and there was nothing Theodore could do. He was watching his own brother get worse by the minute. "Simon, please! You have to keep trying! Please don't-" the minute Theodore said the word 'don't' he could hardly sense Simon's pulse, and he wasn't breathing. Theodore feared the worst. Simon was gone. "SIMON!!!" Theodore screamed as he cried next to his brother.*

Theodore immediately jolted awake, breathing rapidly and sitting up in his bed. He was also quietly crying because of how scary his nightmare was. Theodore knew that he wouldn't be able to get to sleep on his own. Not after having that nightmare! Theodore slowly got out of bed, and climbed down to the bed with the blue bed cover on it. Theodore quietly tip-toed over to Simon and saw his brother was sleeping. Theodore quietly whispered his brother's name, hoping he would get up. After doing this a few time, Simon woke up, grabbed his glasses, and looked over at Theodore. Even though the room was dark, Simon could still see his little brother.

"Theodore, what's wrong?" Simon asked seeing how scared and nervous Theodore was. He didn't like seeing that. Simon wanted Theodore to be happy and safe.