Who Framed Rusty? is the tenth episode of the first season of The Railroad Girl.

Summary Edit

Rusty is falsely accused of and punished for stealing donuts from a donut sale at Totally 60's, so it's up to Duncan to prove his friend's innocence.

Story Edit

One day, Rusty and Duncan were watching Studio C on Duncan's laptop.

"This is such a funny show," said Duncan.

"Yeah," said Rusty, "Thomas wasn't kidding!"

Just then, Rheneas entered with a flyer.

"Hey, guys," said Rheneas, "look what I found out!"

Rheneas showed the poster to Rusty and Duncan. The poster was a notice that Totally 60's was selling donuts for only two dollars a piece.

"Shall we get some, gentlemen," asked Rheneas.

"Yes we shall," said Duncan, "I do have a Hamilton and two Washingtons on me."

"Let's go," said Rheneas.

With that, the three friends went to Totally 60's and found Scott Tracy, the owner and manager, wiping the counter.

"Hey, guys," said Scott, "what can I do for ya?"

"We'd like to buy some donuts please," said Duncan.

"Alright," said Scott, "how many?"

"Well," said Rheneas, "I think we'll have two double chocolates, two jellies, and two chocolates with vanilla icing, please."

"Alright," said Scott, "would you like those in a bag or box?"

"Bag, please," said Rusty.

With that, Scott got their donuts, put them in a bag, an stapled the bag closed with the receipt attached.

"That'll all be twelve dollars, please," said Scott.

Duncan handed Scott the money and the three friends set off for home.

"Enjoy your donuts," said Scott.

"We will," called Rusty.

When Rheneas and his comrades came home, they had their donuts while watching one of Rheneas' favorite TV shows, Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command when Sir Handel, Bill, and Ben entered.

"Hey, guys," said Sir Handel, "where'd you get the donuts?"

"Totally 60's," said Rusty.

"Oh cool," said Sir Handel, "can we have some?"

"Sorry," said Duncan, "but we only have 6, two for each of us."

"Why don't you go get your own," asked Rheneas.

"Sure," said Sir Handel, "We can do that! Come on, Bill and Ben, let's go!"

With that, Sir Handel and his hench-engines went to Totally 60's, where they saw Scott giving a box of donuts to the Scottish twin engines, Donald and Douglas.

"Well," said Scott, "I really hope you find these very tasty."

"Oh, we will," said Donald as he and Douglas left and Sir Handel, Bill, and Ben approached the counter.

"Hey, you three," said Scott, "what'll it be?"

"We'd like a box of eighteen donuts, please," said Bill.

"Okay," said Scott.

Scott got the donuts ready and rang up the price.

"Your total comes to thirty-six dollars, please," said Scott.

Sir Handel, Bill, and Ben were shocked. The three then checked their cabs.

"Darn," said Sir Handel, "I've only got ten dollars."

"I've only got two dimes," said Bill.

"I've only got a bottle cap and a paper clip," said Ben.

"Can't you give us the donuts for free," asked Sir Handel.

Scott shook his head.

"I'm sorry, fellas," said Scott, "I can't do that."

"Why not," asked Bill.

"Because," said Scott, "if I give you guys free donuts, then everyone's gonna want free donuts."

"Good point," said Bill.

Sir Handel sighed.

"Come on," said Sir Handel, "let's go."

As Sir Handel and his entourage left Totally 60's, he suddenly had an idea.

"Guys," said Sir Handel, "I have an idea!"

"What is it," asked Bill.

"Maybe," said Sir Handel, "if Scott won't give us the donuts, we'll get the donuts ourselves!"

Bill and Ben were confused.

"What do you mean by that," asked Bill.

"We're gonna steal the donuts, idiot," said Sir Handel.

"Oh," said Ben, "Okay."

Later, Rusty was watching Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids on Hulu on his Macbook when he heard his stomach growling.

"Well," said Rusty, "Time to get myself something for lunch."

Rusty paused the episode he was watching, went into the kitchen, and made himself a roast beef sandwich with onion rings for a side and for a beverage, he decided to have a can of lemonade, but when he went to grab it from the fridge, he saw it had been opened already.

"Weird," thought Rusty.

Rusty just shrugged and assumed that someone else wanted a sip of the lemonade. However, what the little diesel didn't know was that Sir Handel had dissolved some sleeping pills into the lemonade. Still, he ate his lunch while watching the show. However, as the episode ended, something very odd happened. Rusty's vision started to get blurry.

"What's going on," Rusty wondered.

Soon enough, Rusty ended up falling asleep while Sir Handel, Bill, and Ben watched. All three of them were wearing black ski masks and coated their boilers and cabs with black spray paint. They also had black gloves on their hands.

"Perfect," said Sir Handel.

"I forget," said Bill, "Why are we wearing these masks and why did we paint our boilers and cabs black again?"

"It's to protect our identities," said Sir Handel, "now, let's move!"

With that, they grabbed Rusty, coupled him up to Ben, and went to Totally 60's, where they found Scott on his lunch break.

"Perfect," said Sir Handel, "grab the donuts!"

With that, Ben grabbed the donuts. Then, they took Rusty's hand and pressed it on the counter. Then, they left, taking Rusty and the donuts, which they had placed in Rusty's cab, with them. However, Thomas had seen them leave. However, he didn't see Sir Handel, Bill, nor Ben because of the black paint and thought that Rusty was acting alone.

"Scott," Thomas yelled, "Rusty is stealing some of your donuts!"

Scott heard Thomas and looked. Rusty woke up.

"Where am I," asked Rusty in an alarmed tone.

Rusty then saw Scott taking off after him.

"Come back with those donuts," said Scott.

Rusty then took off, taking the donuts with him.

"How could he," asked Scott.

Meanwhile, Duncan was playing Super Mario Maker on his 3DS when Rusty came in, looking alarmed.

"Rusty," said Duncan, "what's wrong?"

"I'm in big trouble, dude," said Rusty.

"What do you mean," asked Duncan.

Just then, the local sheriff came in, looking for Rusty.

"There you are," said the sheriff, "I'm sorry, Rusty, but I'm afraid I have to arrest you."

The sheriff then put handcuffs on Rusty's front buffers.

"Please," said Rusty, "I'm innocent!"

"I wish I could say the same," said the sheriff, "but the evidence doesn't lie."

Then, Duke came in.

"What on earth is going on," asked Duke.

"Apparently," said the sheriff, "Rusty has been caught stealing donuts from Totally 60's."

Duke and Duncan were horrified.

"Rusty would never steal," said Duke, "it's just not him!"

"Yeah," said Duncan, "I know him! He's my friend!"

"I'm sorry," said the sheriff, "but I have to take him."

Duke and Duncan could only watch as the sheriff took Rusty away.

"Goodbye, best friend," Duncan said tearfully.

Duncan then went back inside his room, closed the door, and cried himself to sleep, while Duke listened with a heavy heart.

"Poor Duncan," said Duke.

Meanwhile, Ernie Devlin, the controller for the Winter City Railway, was in his office practicing his putting when the telephone rang.

"Hello," asked Ernie.

"Hello," said the sheriff, "is this Ernie Devlin?"

"Yes," said Ernie, "this is Ernie Devlin."

"Well," said the sheriff, "we have one of your engines here."

Ernie groaned.

"What'd that little blue pain the butt and his saddle-tank pals do this time," asked Ernie.

"Actually," said the sheriff, "it's not who you think it is."

"Then who is it," asked Ernie.

"Come and see for yourself," said the sheriff.

"Alright," said Ernie, "I'll be right over!"

With that, Ernie got into his 1952 Volkswagen Beetle and drove off to the police station. Soon, he arrived and when he got inside, he was very surprised to see Rusty in the holding cell.

"Rusty," gasped Ernie, "what on earth?"

"He stole donuts from Totally 60's," said the sheriff.

"Please," Rusty protested, "I'm innocent! Sure, you may wanna still punish me, but I swear, I didn't do it!"

"Now, hold on, Rusty," said Ernie, "calm down."

Ernie then glared at the sheriff.

"What makes you think he did it," asked Ernie.

"We have two witnesses," said the sheriff.

Ernie looked and saw Scott and Thomas.

"Are you really sure Rusty did this," asked Ernie.

"Yes, sir," said Thomas, "I saw him with my own two eyes!"

"I saw him, too," said Scott.

"What evidence do you have against him," asked Ernie.

"This," said the sheriff.

The sheriff then showed Ernie the box of donuts that was inside Rusty's cab and the results of a fingerprint test that showed Rusty's fingerprints matching those found on the counter.

"Now, hold the phone," said Ernie, "I know it may look like Rusty's guilty, but I think something else is amiss."

"The evidence can't lie, Mr. Devlin," said the sheriff, "he stole them, alright."

"I swear," said Rusty, "I didn't steal anything!"

"Now, Rusty," said Ernie, "I'm not going to do anything until I get the whole story."

Just then, Scott looked at the clock.

"Well," said Scott, "I guess I should be going back now."

Scott then got in his car and drove away.

"I've gotta go, too," said Thomas, "Doki and Bright Eyes invited me and Edward over for dinner. And I don't wanna keep them waiting!"

With that, Thomas left, and Ernie soon followed suit.

"I hope they can prove I'm innocent," Rusty thought to himself as a tear trickled down his cheek.

Meanwhile, Thomas had arrived at the Spott residence, where Edward was waiting patiently.

"Hey, Tom," said Edward.

Thomas sighed.

"What's the trouble, little brother," asked Edward.

Thomas explained to his brother and the Spotts. All of them were horrified.

"That's terrible," said Edward, "Rusty would never do that!"

"I know," said Thomas, "but I saw him with my own two eyes, yet I know it wasn't him!"

"Maybe he was framed," Doki suggested.

"Yeah," said Thomas, "maybe someone else stole the donuts and made it look as though Rusty was at fault!"

"I think I have an idea," said Edward, "after dinner, we'll go down to Totally 60's and check the surveillance footage to see if it can give us any clues to who really stole the donuts."

"Yeah," said Thomas, "let's do it!"

Soon, after eating dinner, they asked Mr. and Mrs. Spott if it was alright if they left after explaining the situation. And sure enough, they said yes, so Thomas, Edward, and Doki went down to Totally 60's, where they found Scott giving a bag of jelly donuts to Toby.

"Thanks for coming, Toby," said Scott.

Scott then saw Edward, Thomas, and Doki.

"Hey, you three," said Scott, "what can I do for you?"

"We'd like to take a look at the surveillance footage from earlier," said Edward.

"Sure," said Scott, "follow me."

After taking down the camera that was filming the counter, Scott led the trio to his office, where they plugged it into the computer played the surveillance footage from earlier when Rusty was said to have stolen the donuts. It didn't take to long for Thomas to spot something unusual.

"Stop," Thomas said.

Scott paused the footage replay, and they looked at the monitor. There, they saw what looked like Sir Handel, Bill, and Ben.

"Hey," said Doki, "those figures look like Sir Handel, Bill, and Ben!"

Scott zoomed in and showed the three troublesome engines' faces.

"It is them," Scott gasped.

"So they're the donut thieves," said Thomas, "but keep playing the footage, Scott."

Scott resumed the footage and the foursome saw Sir Handel pressing Rusty's hand on the counter.

"Bingo," said Edward, "we have our real culprits!"

"Let's show this to the sheriff," said Doki.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Rusty was sitting in the cell with a glum expression on his face.

"I wonder if I'll ever be proven innocent," Rusty thought.

Just then, Rusty heard the cell door opening and saw the sheriff standing there with a huge smile on his face.

"What's going on, sheriff," asked Rusty.

"Good news, bud," said the sheriff, "you're innocent!"

Rusty was elated.

"Yahoo," Rusty cheered, "Free at last!"

"Your friends showed us footage of who really stole the donuts," said the sheriff, "and sorry for the misunderstanding. I guess we locked you up for nothing."

"That's alright," said Rusty, "you were only doing your job."

"Come on, Rusty," said Edward, "let's get you home."

With that, the friends went home. Later, Rusty and Duncan were celebrating their reunion by having themselves a Smurfs marathon while eating the donuts. They also learned that Sir Handel, Bill, and Ben had been put in a Home For Troubled Engines for two months for their actions.

"It's great to have you back, buddy," said Duncan, "I've really missed you."

"It's great to be back," said Rusty, "and I've missed you, too."

"I'm so glad Sir Handel and his pals got punished for framing you," said Duncan.

"Hey," said Rusty, "maybe tomorrow, me and you can see the new Captain Underpants movie."

"Sounds like a plan to me," said Duncan.

The two continued to eat their donuts while watching the show.

The End

Notes Edit

  • As of this episode, Totally 60's now sells donuts
  • Rusty and Duncan's friendship is first portrayed in this episode
  • This is the only episode with a question mark in its title.

References Edit

  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit: This episode's title is a play on the title of this infamous 1988 comedy film.

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