Yard Sale Treasure Hunt is the ninth episode of the first season of Holly & Blue.


Holly wants to make some quick cash, and when she, Blue, and her parents go to a yard sale, she sees her opportunity to maybe find a good deal.


One afternoon, Holly was walking home from school, when she saw something that caught her eye.

"Woah", Holly said.

It was a Paul Menard beanbags game.

"I've gotta have it", Holly said.

Holly then went inside the store it was in and walked up to the desk.

"Hey, sir", Holly said, "how much for that Paul Menard beanbags game?"

"Ah, yes, a beanbags game", the clerk said, "fifty dollars."

Holly then looked in her pockets.

"Can I pay you in mint wrappers", Holly asked.

The clerk then kicked Holly out of the store and she landed in front of a lamp post.

"Well, that didn't go well", Holly said.

She then continued to walk home.

"What am I going to do", Holly asked, "I spent all my money at the ice cream shop last weekend, and Mom doesn't give me my allowance until Saturday."

She then arrived home, and sat down at the table.

"Hey there, Holl", Steve Sr. said, "how was your day?"

"Awful", Holly said.

"What happened", Steve Sr. asked.

"I saw this Paul Menard beanbags game at the NASCAR store, but I couldn't afford it", Holly said.

"I see", Steve Sr. said.

Then, Olivia walked in.

"Hey", Olivia said.

Holly then got an idea.

"Hey, Mom", Holly said, "you think I could..."

"I'm not giving you your allowance early", Olivia said.

"Alright", Holly said.

Holly then walked upstairs and plopped down on her bed, and Blue came in.

"Hey, Holly", Blue said, "what's got you down?"

"I saw a Paul Menard beanbags game at the NASCAR store, and I can't afford it", Holly said.

"Oh", Blue said.

Blue then thought of something.

"I've got it", Blue said, "a friend of Mr. Dad's is having a yard sale tomorrow."

"So", Holly asked.

"So, there's probably a lot of junk there", Blue said, "you never know what could be valuable at a yard sale."

"Okay", Holly said, "I'll take your word for it."

"Great", Blue said.

The next day, the Burns family was driving to the yard sale.

"I'm so glad you wanted to come to this", Steve Sr. said, "yard sales can be so fun."

"Yep", Holly said, "they sure can."

They then arrived, and got out.

"Remember", Steve Sr. said, "whatever you want to buy comes out of your own money."

"Yes sir", Holly said.

"Great", Steve Sr. said, "then let's go."

Holly then walked behind a table with Blue.

"This is never going to work", Holly said, "who would wanna buy that crud?"

"I love this crud", Steve Sr. said.

"Look, trust me on this one", Blue said, "I know what I'm doing."

"Alright", Holly said.

They then browsed around, and found a painting.

"Look at this beauty", Blue said, "pretty fine work of art."

"What makes you think it's valuable", Holly asked.

"Well, I heard there was this one guy who bought a painting from a yard sale, and he found a copy of the Declaration of Independence in the back", Blue said.

"This is a painting of dogs playing poker", Holly said.

"Yeah", Blue said, "what better thing to hide valuables in."

"Well, you can get it if you want to, but I'm goanna keep looking", Holly said.

Holly walked around and saw something on a table.

"Hello", Holly said, "what's this?"

It was a picture of a young man with a beard.

"Well well", Holly said.

The man in charge of the yard sale then walked up.

"Hey, how much for this photo", Holly asked.

"Five cents", the man said.

Holly then gave him a Nickel.

"Sold", Holly said, "you sir, have made me rich."

"How come", the man asked.

"Isn't it obvious", Holly asked, "this is clearly a picture of young Abe Lincoln."

"No it's not", the man said.

"Then what is it", Holly asked.

"It's a picture of Zac Efron my daughter drew a beard on with a permanent marker", the man said.

"Oh", Holly said.

She then put the photo in her pocket.

"I should've know this wouldn't work out", Holly said, "all yard sales are is a cheap display show where the owners don't have the guts to just throw their stuff out."

She then noticed the man was still standing there.

"No offense", Holly said.

"None taken", the man said, "is there anything else here you might be interested in?"

Later, Holly and her family were driving home.

"Well, that was a bust", Holly said.

"Not for me", Blue said, "I got a good deal for the dogs playing poker."

Later, at the house, Holly was sitting in her bedroom, when Steve Sr. called her.

"Hey, Holly", Steve Sr. said, "how's about coming down here?"

Holly then walked downstairs and went outside and saw the Paul Menard beanbags game, although it had the number 15 instead of Menard's current number, 27.

"Well", Steve Sr. said, "what do you think?"

"It's great", Holly said.

"Yeah", Steve Sr. said, "we know you wanted a Paul Menard beanbags game, so when I found this older version at the yard sale, it seemed like the perfect solution to your problem."

"We put it in the trunk after we bought it and covered it up with a blanket so we could surprise you", Olivia said.

"Thanks, you guys", Holly said.

"You're welcome", Steve Sr. said, "now let's play a game!"

The family then began playing beanbags with their new game.

The End

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