Zak and Wheezie are supporting protagonists for CJ & The Dragon Pack.

Bio Edit

Full Names: Zak and Wheezie 
Zak And Wheezie

Also Known As: Zakko and Wheezo

Species: Two-Headed Dragon

Gender: Male (Zak), Female (Wheezie)

Birthday: October 29, 2004

Age: 12

Relatives: Each other, unnamed parents

Hair Color: N/A

Eye Color: Black

Skin Color: Green and blue (Zak), Purple and magenta (Wheezie)

Appearance Edit

Regardless of season, Zak always wears a brass eighth note pendant and Wheezie wears a brass double note pendant, both of them on brown leather necklaces.

Trivia Edit

  • Zak and Wheezie share their birthday with late American painter, art instructor, and television host Bob Ross, best known for being the creator and host of The Joy Of Painting
  • Both love music and often play music together.
  • Despite their love for music, each twin has their own personality: Zak is neat, quiet, orderly, stubborn, arrogant, and pessimistic, as well as cautious, while Wheezie is wild, loud, friendly, free-spirited and optimistic despite being tomboyishly beautiful.

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