Zander Robbins is one of the main protagonists for Adventures With The Grasshoppers.


Full Name: Zander Maxwell Robbins 
Zander Robbins

Also Known As: Zan-Zan

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Birthday: July 22, 1999

Age: 18

Relatives: Jethro Robbins (father), Vanessa Robbins (mother), Marissa Robbins (younger sister), Rarity Welles (girlfriend)

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Color: Light Tan


Zander always wears a gray t-shirt, a green-brown jacket, a dark brown wristband on his right wrist, black jeans, and black Chuck Taylor shoes.


  • Zander shares his birthday with American drummer and singer Don Henley, best known for being the drummer and co-lead singer for American rock band The Eagles
  • He is a bit vain and often looks at his reflection in the mirror
  • His instruments are a Rickenbacker 4003 and a Fender T-Bucket Bass
  • He is of Jewish faith


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